Année de Flore

Identity • Communication – 2014

Expo - Balades - Wandelingen



Our role

Editorial Design

Context & Mission

In 1664, the guild of St. Dorothea, patron saint of gardeners and florists, was founded in Brussels (today under the name 'Société royale linnéenne & de flore de Bruxelles'). The 350th anniversary is an opportunity to put the spotlight on the gardens and flowers of the capital by offering a major cultural program to the public. From March 2014 to march 2015 a great number of events are placed under the sign of parcs, gardens, horticulture, etc.
Our mission was to create a fundraising catalogue, design their graphic identity and the production of communication media for the events.


Anouk & Co. 
Art & Creative Director: Anouk Sendrowicz
Designer: Paul Biwer

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